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    Direct Hair Implantation, beacuse  doctors can get higher density in this method.

    But we should not forget that DHI is for patients with low level hairloss, and patients under 40 years.

    Doctors need to decide which patient is better for DHI ,and which patients are better for FUE for example,  25 years old patient with hairloss  only in the right and  left corners, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) can give a more density result . But a patient  with Norwood scale 5-6 hairloss stage, FUE will give a better result.

    If we check on Norwood  scale DHI is better for 2, 3, 4 hairloss stage  and FUE is better for 5, 6, 7 hairloss stage.

    DHI method is the newest method in hair transplant. Extraction is the same with FUE method. They use micro motor for taking grafts, But implanting process is different. Doctors use implanter ( choi ) pen in implanting process. this is choi tecnique..

    Thats why sometimes this method is called choi method. 

    Hair loss occurs more common among the people that smoke. So amount of the oxygen in the blood decreases and less oxygen reaches to hair cells. Consequently, hair cells that cannot take enough oxygen to survive, start  dying in time.

    Before the hair  transplant in Turkey  your hairs is shaved at our hospital. Is made desing in the planting and extracting areas. Is calculated that how many grafts will be  planted to the designed are. Hair Transplant plan is done like this in Turkey.
    Hairline is designed as you wish.  Hairline is shown to you in front of the mirror. Single type hair follicels is planted to the designed area with high density as you decided before.
    Hair Transplant in Turkey is more safe than Europe and other countries. In Turkey, is taken more grafts in hair tranplantation. Turkish hair transplant doctors are famous in the world. Hair transplant can be done in safe in Turkey.
    Beard transplant is very popular recently in Turkey. Beard transplantation is done at all hospitals as hair transplantation. Hair transplant has become medical tourism and is supported by the goverment.
    Europe countries envy to hair transplant in Turkey because of to be cheaper and sucessfull.
    Hair transplant is served as a holiday concept in Turkey. Hotels, transfers and sightseeing tours are included the price. This is one the reason of choosing hair transplantation in Turkey.  


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